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  • Telecommunication companies seeking on-the-go analysis of network quality across different regions.

    Previously, our network testing process was labor-intensive, involving the installation of laptops or desktops in vehicles, entangled with a myriad of wires, to conduct complex evaluations of local networks. CloudXPM has revolutionized this experience, streamlining network testing into a seamless, portable endeavor. Now, we can conduct thorough tests on the move, whether we're en route to the office or commuting via subway, all with a single, handy device. This shift towards mobile-focused testing has significantly broadened the scope and enhanced the efficiency of our testing environments

  • Individual App Developers

    I dedicated substantial time and effort to developing my personal projects, yet I found my quality assurance (QA) processes lacking, leading to various challenges. CloudXPM, with its straightforward scenario writing feature, has been a game-changer, enabling me to execute diverse QA tasks effectively. As a result, my development projects now operate more fluidly and deliver an enhanced user experience.

  • Music Streaming Companies with 24-Hour User Engagement Requiring Constant Monitoring

    Utilizing CloudXPM, we crafted a comprehensive scenario encompassing all aspects of our app, conducting non-stop tests over a 24-hour period. This approach enabled us to rapidly detect and address any emerging issues. Thanks to CloudXPM, we now consistently assure the quality and stability of our apps, reinforcing their reliability for our users.

  • QA Personnel Not Well-Versed in Test Coding"

    Our team, not being well-versed in coding, previously relied on manual testing methods. This limited approach often led to oversight of critical errors, as we couldn't conduct exhaustive testing. CloudXPM has been a breakthrough for us, offering test automation without the need for coding. This has significantly enhanced our testing efficiency and bolstered the reliability of our applications.

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